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Aging Atlas: a multi-omics database for aging biology. Nucleic Acids Res, 2021. 49: D825-d830.

Bi D#, Yao J#, Wang Y, Qin G, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Zhao J*. CRISPR/Cas13d-mediated efficient KDM5B mRNA knockdown in porcine somatic cells and parthenogenetic embryos. Reproduction, 2021. 162: 149-160.

Bian X#, Liu J, Yang Q, Liu Y, Jia W, Zhang X, Li YX, Shao X*, Wang YL*. MicroRNA-210 regulates placental adaptation to maternal hypoxic stress during pregnancy. Biol Reprod, 2021. 104: 418-429.

Cao J#, Hao J#, Wang L#, Tan Y, Tian Y, Li S, Ma A, Fu B, Dai J, Zhai P, Xiang P, Zhang Y, Cheng T*, Peng Y*, Zhou Q*, Zhao T*. Developing standards to support the clinical translation of stem cells. Stem Cells Transl Med, 2021. 10 Suppl 2: S85-s95.

Chen L#, Gao H#, Zhou B*, Wang Y*. Comprehensive optimization of a reporter assay toolbox for three distinct CRISPR-Cas systems. FEBS Open Bio, 2021a. 11: 1965-1980.


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Researchers decode the spatiotemporal transcriptome atlas of multiple regions of the developing human brain As the most complex organ in humans , the brain is anatomically divided into different regions .These different brain regions have special input-output connections and play various important functions .During the development of the human brain , complex cell types are generated through inherent g......

Scientists discover hidden barriers and signs of damage in the aging spinal cord of primates The spinal cord, a vital bridge connecting the brain and peripheral nerves, plays a pivotal role in governing motor functions and coordinating basic life activities of the body, which mainly through a rare and critical group of cells within the spinal cord called motor neurons. ...

Researchers identify a novel role of RNA m6A modification in maintaining tissue homeostasis during primate aging As the most prevalent chemical modification on eukaryotic mRNAs , N6 - methyladenosine ( m6A ) is dynamically and reversibly regulated by corresponding methyltransferases ( writers ) , binding proteins ( readers ) and demethylases ( erasers ) .Why do we need such sophisticated regulation ? Imagin......

Scientists Discover Rare Superfast Muscles in Mouse Legs You might think that only DC Comics superhero The Flash could run at a speed of 200 strides per second. But in the animal world, special muscles—called “superfast muscles”—can move as fast as Barry Allen. ...

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Chinese researchers produce mouse pups with same-sex parents WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 -- Chinese researchers produced healthy mice with two mothers that went on to have normal offspring of their own. ...

The first debate competition is preparing The state key laboratory of reproductive biology will hold the first session of debate competition. The title of the competition is “If sperm is more important than oocyte?” The leader of the district side is Wei Li and the a......

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