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Zhao C., Zhang Y., Zhao Y., Ying Y., Ai R., Zhang J., and Wang Y. (2018). Multiple Chemical Inducible Tal Effectors for Genome Editing and Transcription Activation. ACS Chem Biol 13, 609-617.

Wang L., Tu Z., Liu C., Liu H., Kaldis P., Chen Z., and Li W. (2018). Dual roles of TRF1 in tethering telomeres to the nuclear envelope and protecting them from fusion during meiosis. Cell Death Differ.

Qiao H., Li Y., Feng C., Duo S., Ji F., and Jiao J. (2018). Nap1l1 Controls Embryonic Neural Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Differentiation in the Developing Brain. Cell Rep 22, 2279-2293.

Shen T., Ji F., Wang Y., Lei X., Zhang D., and Jiao J. (2017). Brain-specific deletion of histone variant H2A.z results in cortical neurogenesis defects and neurodevelopmental disorder. Nucleic Acids Res.


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Yu Wang and Colleagues Review the Basic and Translational Studies of Hedgehog Signaling in Cell Chemical Biology Hedgehog (HH) signaling plays an important role in certain types of adult stem cells and cancer stem cells. Its aberrant activity is linked to degenerative diseases and a multitude of cancers. Considerable interest has focused on studying the mechanisms of HH signaling pathway and the identificat......

Chinese scientists discover an important regulator involved in alternative mRNA splicing in mouse spermatogonia and the transition to meiosis Alternative splicing significantly expands the form and function of the genome of organisms with limited gene number and is especially important for several stages of mouse spermatogenesis. In addition, a number of trans-acting regulators of pre-mRNA splicing are primarily or exclusively expresse......

From subtlety to fate: new insights for the first mammalian embryo fate decision In mammalian preimplantation embryo development, when the first asymmetry emerges and how it develops to direct distinct cell fates are two longstanding questions. It remains debatable whether the first bifurcation of cell fate emerges randomly at morula stage, or has been predetermined at earlie......

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Water Channel-dependent excessive uterinefluid impairs embryo implantation In mammalian species, embryo implantation is the threshold for pregnancy establishment, the abnormality of which accounts for ~75% of human pregnancy loss. Abnormal preimplantation hormonal environment is a common cause for defective embryo implantation, usually attributed to the changed endometr......

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The first debate competition is preparing The state key laboratory of reproductive biology will hold the first session of debate competition. The title of the competition is “If sperm is more important than oocyte?” The leader of the district side is Wei Li and the a......

The first ‘Voice Of Science’ forum of SKLRB graduate students The ‘Voice Of Science’ forum is the annual science communication party in SKLRB. This forum is to not only pick out the annual trump card from the graduate students, but also improve the scientific spark collision among all t......

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