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State Key Laboratory of Stem Cell and Reproductive Biology (SRLab) was founded in 1991 at the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Ever since its establishment, SKLRB has served as the pioneer of reproduction-centered research, education and training in China. SKLRB now offers a world-class research environment for researchers in reproduction and stem cell biology, currently hosting 23 independent research groups with diverse but complementary interests at the level of cellular and molecular biology. In addition to an interactive and collaborative research environment, researchers also benefit from efficient and comprehensive institutional supports of dedicated facility staffs, ranging from administration, accounting, media preparation and animal husbandry, enabling the scientists to concentrate on their research works. The SKLRB also benefit from a unique interactive research cultural advantage of Beijing Institutes of Life Science, CAS, locating at the beautiful Campus of Beijing Olympic Park.

Research Directions:
Currently, the SRLab is committed to basic researches as well as translational medicine in reproduction and stem cell biology in the following areas:? Fate specification of germline stem cells, Meiosis and gametogenesis, Fertilization, embryo development and implantation, Placental development and related diseases and Stem cell research and regenerative medicine. We encourage innovative and challenging projects, extensive collaborations, and long-term research initiatives.

Full-time faculty positions are available in (but not limited to) the following directions: 1) Meiosis and cell cycle regulation. 2) developmental and reproductive immunology. 3) stem cell biology and regenerative medicine.

Qualifications and Responsibilities:
Applicants must have a doctoral degree, strong academic background with pronounced publicationrecords, and excellent communication skills.
Salaries and Benefits:
A generous starting package will be offered based on the qualification and experiences, including salary and benefits, housing, and competitive start-up research supports. The candidates with remarkably strong academic background are encouraged to apply the “National Thousand Young Talents Program” or “CAS Hundred Talents Program”.

Application Materials:

Please submit your application materials in one package with: 1) a cover letter, including your research achievements and future research plan, 2) curriculum vitae and 3) three referees to: Dr. Qi Zhou (Room 315, 1-5 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, P. R. China. Email:; Telephone: +86-10-64807312).

PhD/postdoc recruit

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干细胞与性腺发育研究组科研助理岗位招聘启事  [2022-05-07]
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郭帆课题组招聘启事  [2022-03-22]
干细胞与衰老研究组科研助理招聘启事  [2022-02-24]
干细胞与衰老研究组助理研究员、博士后招聘启事  [2021-12-24]
生殖表观遗传研究组技术/支撑岗位招聘启事  [2021-12-23]
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魏妥研究组诚聘博士后  [2021-12-13]
王皓毅研究组招聘技术员  [2021-11-02]
王红梅研究组公开招聘博士后  [2021-09-29]
魏妥研究组岗位招聘启事  [2021-09-28]
生殖表观遗传研究组招聘启事  [2021-08-30]
大动物遗传修饰研究组技术员招聘启事  [2021-08-06]
血液与免疫细胞再生研究组岗位招聘启事  [2021-07-23]
干细胞衰老课题组招聘启事  [2021-06-21]
干细胞与生殖生物学国家重点实验室仪器平台管理员岗位招聘启事  [2021-05-13]
大动物遗传修饰研究组助理研究员岗位招聘启事  [2021-05-13]
黄仕强实验室诚聘博士后、技术员  [2021-03-10]
生殖病理学研究组(王雁玲研究组)博士后招聘启事  [2021-02-18]
干细胞与生殖生物学国家重点实验室长年招聘博士后  [2021-02-10]
生殖工程研究组助理研究员岗位招聘启事  [2020-12-17]
干细胞与生殖室/王红梅研究组助理研究员岗位招聘启事  [2020-12-09]

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