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Lei LI, Ph. D.

Molecular Basis of Early Embryonic Development

Co-workers: Xiaoxin Zhang, Wenbo Liu, Zheng Gao, Yang Yu, Yi Xiao, Haixia Ma, Xukun Lu, Jinglin Zhang, Yusheng Liu, Huaixiao Ma, Dandan Qin, Xiaoxiao Wang, Yuxuan Lin, Xiaoqing Nie, Xiaoqing Wang

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  By using genetics, embryo culture and ES cells as the model systems, our researches focus on molecular and cellular basis of early embryonic development and gametogenesis.

  Research directions:

  1) Maternal control of vertebrate early embryogenesis: Prior zygotic genome activation, early embryogenesis is entirely controlled by maternal effect genes. Recently, we have identified oocyte-embryo specific expressed SCMC that is essential for mammalian early embryogenesis. Currently we focus on the molecular mechanisms of subcortical maternal complex (SCMC). In addition, we investigate maternal DNA damage repair and maternal RNA degradation during vertebrate maternal-to-zygotic transition.

  2)Cell lineage specification of early embryonic development: Early embryonic cells are totipotent, progressively differentiate into pluripotent, and then commit to three germ layer cells. Recently, we characterized numerous lineage-specific genes by RNA sequence and microarray. By using embryo culture and ES cells, we are investigating how these genes control cell lineage commitment during early embryonic development.

  3) Molecular mechanism of mammalian gametogenesis: We found some alternative pre-mRNA splicing factors specifically expresses and play important role in mouse gametogenesis. Currently, we investigate how these factors regulate mouse gametogenesis by using mouse genetic and RNA-sequence approaches.

Localization (A) and a model (B) of the SCMC (Li et al., Dev. Cell, 2008).



Plain English:
  We are interesting in the genes specifically expressed in germ cell that play important roles during early embryonic development and gametogenesis. Our searches will contribute to human reproductive disorders and contraception.


Selected publications:

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The SCMC regulates the symmetric division through F-actin in mouse zygote (Yu et al., Nat. Commun., 2014).