En-Kui DUAN, Ph. D.
embryo implantation,epidermal development and skin stem cell regulation. more... / Email: duane@ioz.ac.cn

Fei GAO, Ph. D.
Sex determination and early gonad development . more... / Email: gaofei72@yahoo.com

Chunsheng HAN, Ph. D.
Gene expression and regulation in spermatogenesis.more... / Email: hancs@ioz.ac.cn

Baoyang HU, Ph. D.
Human stem cells, neural differentiation and regeneration. more... / Email: byhu@ioz.ac.cn

Jianwei JIAO, Ph. D.
Neural stem cell proliferation and neurogenesis. more... / Email: jwjiao@ioz.ac.cn

Lei LI, Ph. D.
Mechanism of Mammalian Early Embryonic Development. more... / Email: lil@ioz.ac.cn

Wei LI, Ph. D.
Mechanisms of protein modification and their roles in reproduction and aging. more... / Email: leways@ioz.ac.cn; leways@gmail.com

Chang-Mei LIU, Ph. D.
Stem cell and Neurological Diseases. more... / Email: liuchm@ioz.ac.cn

Yi-Xun LIU, Academician of CAS
Molecular mechanism of SSCs development/differentiation and Oocyte abnormal meiosis. more... / Email: liuyx@ioz.ac.cn

Jing-Pian PENG, Ph. D.
Reproductive immunology . more... / Email: pengjp@ioz.ac.cn

Jing Qu, Ph. D.
Focusing on the rare diseases associated with aging. more... / Email: qujing@ioz.ac.cn

Qing-Yuan SUN, Ph. D.
Molecular mechanisms underlying mammalian oocyte meiotic maturation, fertilization and early embryo development. more... / Email: sunqy@ioz.ac.cn; sunqy1@yahoo.com

Zhao-Qian TENG, Ph. D.
Traumatic Brain Injury and Stem Cell Therapy. more... / Email: tengzq@ioz.ac.cn

Hongmei WANG, Ph. D.
The main research interest of us is to study the physiological mechanisms of placentation and related complications and diseases, especially the key events including trophoblast invasion /migration and syncytialization. more... / Email: wanghm@ioz.ac.cn

Haoyi WANG, Ph. D.
Genome Engineering; Genome and Epigenome Editing. more... / Email: wanghaoyi@ioz.ac.cn

Yan-Ling WANG, Ph. D.
Regulation of placenta development, pregnancy adaptation, and... more... / Email: wangyl@ioz.ac.cn; wangyl.ioz@gmail.com

Yu WANG, Ph. D.
Drug Discovery; Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology. more... / Email: wangyu@ioz.ac.cn

Jianguo ZHAO, Ph. D.
Genetic modifications and establishment of biomedical models in large animals. more... / Email: zhaojg@ioz.ac.cn

Tongbiao ZHAO, Ph. D.
Stem cell and immunology. more... / Email: tbzhao@ioz.ac.cn

Qi ZHOU, Ph. D.
Mechanism of reprogramming, animal model and therapeutic cloning, stem cells and regenerative medicine. more... / Email: zhouqi@ioz.ac.cn